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shotblasting frontpage1 small    Definicja-Co to znaczy śrutowanie?


icon shot blastingShot Blasting

• Our techniques are purely mechanical, and therefore very clean
• None of our technologies are using chemical substances of are wasting valuable drinking water
• Perfectly clean (closed circuit precess, no waste to dispose)
• Safe (no risk of underground deterioration by the process itself or by frozen water, no damage on built-in lightning devices
• Very fast evacuation of the highway if necessary
• Permanent control can be made through grip testing devices / CFME (Continuous Friction Measuring Equipment)
• Can prolong the life by a number of years without the need to immediately invest in new top coat


Texture Of A Surface Courceicon surface

There are principally 3 types of texture which are important factors in the performance of a runway surface, Megatexture, Macrotexture and Microtexture. In addition to these the terms Negative texture and Positive texture are often referred to, these are types of Macrotexture and more to do with the method used or type of material laid.

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The Blasting Processicon blasting process

The basic blasting process has been around for over 100 years and Blastrac was the inventor of the first mobile shot blasting process in the early 80’s. Blastrac are now the undisputed global leader in this field. The Blastrac system is a mechanical process which is designed to remove sur- face contaminants, surface imperfections and coatings. The process is fully controlled, safe and environmentally sound. It uses no water, no chemicals or solvents, emits no pollutants or dust to the atmosphere and the removed material can often be fully recycled.Steel shot is fed by gravity through a control valve into an impellor. The impellor turning at high speed throws the steel shot through an adjustable opening at high velocity and at a specific angle on to the surface over which the self propelled machine is travelling. The steel shot impacts the surface and bounces off, as it does so material from the surface whether this is contaminants, coatings or the surface material itself is abraded and loose material together with the shot is drawn up into the machine by the airflow created by the vacuum unit.

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icon scid resistanceMaintaining The Correct Level

       Of Scid Resistance

Reading all of the preceding information will clearly bring the reader to conclude that while a suitable skid resistance may be able to be achieved at the outset it will inevitably reduce as trafficking and ageing begin to take effect. How quickly the skid resistance level reduces to below what is acceptable varies significantly from site to site and will be affected by many things including, traffic levels and speeds, weather conditions, aggregate and binder properties etc. Highway authorities in most of the European countries routinely monitor the road network to assess the level of skid resistance in line with the standards set by the local Highways Agency. When the Characteristic SCRIM Coefficient (CSC) levels are at or below the assigned investigatory levels a site investigation is carried out to determine whether to improve the skid resistance or some other action is needed.


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